We do not treat diseases, we treat people

The purpose of the Medical Check-ups Unit is to detect existing diseases, identify the risk factors that can lead to a future illness and present a tailored plan due to needs and lifestyles of each person, thus reducing the risk of a future illness. Some of the known benefits of the checkups are: The early detection of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, dyslipidemia, osteoporosis or lung diseases. This unit has access to the most advanced medical technology and to a group of renowned medical specialists. We have three types of checkings: basic check, comprehensive check and check plus. They are conducted by our specialists and consist, at an internal medical specialist visit that will be the one who opens the clinical history, provides the initial physical examination and preparing the final report, also orders any complementary tests if needed to optimize the medical check-up. We offer personalized attention for each case.

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