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Our medical repatriation service is designed so that the patient and his family can relax, as we take care of managing the entire process. Intermedical Suárez Saavedra carries out complete medicalized transport both on land and air, thus offering an integral “Bed to Bed” service. This service includes everything necessary to carry out a medical evacuation from the place of origin to the place of destination. Our management team will carefully prepare the entire evacuation process, including the information, medical documentation or financial details of the transfer.

The patient will be assisted by a specialized medical team to provide the necessary care during the journey from their home or hospital, to their destination.

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  • Emergencies. Transfer of patients from the place of the accident to the treating hospital; and transport of those who cannot get to hospital by their own means.
  • Inter-center transfer. We plan and offer interhospital transfer patients between centers or to the patient´s home.
  • Medical evacuations. We have a wide range of aircraft suitable for medical evacuations, capable of transporting patients and their relatives assisted by specialized medical team.

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All our transport vehicles have excellent medical equipment to guarantee the best care for the patient and quality of medical service.

  • Basic patient transport equipment.
  • Defibrillator.
  • Multi-parameter monitor.
  • Volume respirator.
  • Glucometer.
  • Nebulizer.
  • Basic and advanced resuscitation equipment.
  • Basic equipment: Tensiometer, stethoscope, equipment of sense organs.
  • Central oxygen and portable oxygen tanks.
  • Immobilization equipment, in case of severe traumas.