Find out about the most frequent health problems in summer

Find out about the most frequent health problems in summer

Allergic and infectious pathologies are more frequent during the summer due to the proliferation of microorganisms and the various allergens in the environment. Unfortunately, high temperatures also affect the body and cause severe complications.

The summer season is characterised by high temperatures and family trips. Although it is one of the most eagerly awaited seasons of the year, it also brings with it a period when factors that favour the development of illnesses come together. What are the most common health problems in summer?

Continuous contact with water, sweltering heat, increased humidity and higher consumption of unhealthy foods predispose to the onset of ailments and conditions. In addition, high temperatures favour the proliferation of harmful micro-organisms. To find out more about this, read on.

Common summer health problems
Common health problems in summer are the result of the changes that the body undergoes due to the high temperatures and the activities that, by tradition, are carried out at this time of the year. They are also conditioned by the nature of pathogens.

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